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A Leather Accessory For Every ADA Girl | Womens Accessories | Fashion

September 8, 2014

A Leather Accessory For Every ADA Girl | Womens Accessories | Fashion.


 Do you ever feel boho one day, girly the other, and edgy the next? If so, we understand and we have the perfect leather accessories lined up for whatever look of the day you feel like trying. You don’t have to stay in a box of a certain style—venture out! And here are the versatile accessories to do just that. 

Edgy: Make sure to look out for the Giulia Bracelet, the Wrap belt in mahogany or aqua python, and the Agata necklace. Leather is always edgy so every accessory is bound to fit your need of rebellion. 

Girly: Fun accessories to try would be the Wrap belt in pink python, the Jasmine wallet, and the Jacy bracelet. All of these accessories bring color just like your fun and vibrant style!

Special Price for Special Leather ADA Handbags

August 28, 2014

Special Price for Special Leather ADA Handbags.

Handbags such as the Limares and Limeres Atempo are perfect friendship starters for a new ADA Girl looking for a classic bag to take anywhere her heart desires. If a clutch is more your calling then the Sasha and Kacy handbagcan either add a pop of color or sophistication to an outfit. 

We all do need a wallet to put inside of those handcrafted leather bags… Ah, the Micco Small wallet and Tornik wallet will do the trick to help you shop at the mall or go on a night out. 

Pops of Color for Fall with ADA Leather Bracelets

August 25, 2014


Pops of Color for Fall with ADA Leather Bracelets.

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean your style should become dull and boring. With the right amount of color, your outfit will shine all the way to spring. Turquoise is the perfect vibrant color and has shown to be a trend for this upcoming season. Luckily, ADA Collection is on top of the latest trends and has you covered with the right amount of turquoise. Check out the ADA New arrivals for your turquoise treats!

New Arrivals in the ADA Collection Store: Handcrafted Belts For You!

August 20, 2014

New Arrivals in the ADA Collection Store: Handcrafted Belts For You!.

Keeping up with trendy belts should not be a chore. That’s why it is easy to keep up with the upcoming latest fall fashion by peeking at the new arrivals section on our website at There you will find the newest products available at your fingertips made with unique Argentinian leather by talented artisans.

Some recent handcrafted belts have caught our eye too, such as the colorful ADA Allie Braid Belt and the put together ADA Lavina Belt. They both are polar opposites, but can easily encompass the style of a single ADA Girl.

 Allie Braid Leather Belt 

The ADA Lavina belt can easily transform a laid back t-shirt and jeans look and make it more fashion forward. If you’re feeling more vibrant, then the ADA Allie Braid Belt can separate a pattern on a dress by being worn higher on the waist and that automatically highlights your waist.

Night Out with Fun and Flirty ADA Earrings | Leather Earrings

August 18, 2014

Night Out with Fun and Flirty ADA Earrings | Leather Earrings.

ADA Sonia Earrings: These earrings accompany a bit more edge with the spike charm but also have a bit of sparkle up top. Wearing the hair softly up with would make the earrings stand out along with wearing a nude top, a leather legging, and black pumps. Read more about flirty ADA Earrings and a girls night out here.

Handmade ADA Sol Leather Belt Now Available Through Free People

August 16, 2014

Handmade ADA Sol Leather Belt Now Available Through Free People.

Boho Chic Free People Look

Free People is a brand that invokes freedom for a woman to wear any item that makes her feel confident, creative, and well—free. Here at ADA Collection, we believe in the same statement for a woman to feel self-confident while wearing any of our products.

Imagine if these two great companies could work together in creating the same vision they both believe in… Well your dream just came true! The handmade ADA Sol Belt is now being carried through Free People and can easily be combined with their boho chic looks.

The Sol belt is a great transition piece from summer to fall and is as versatile as you want it to be. An ADA Girl can easily style the belt up or down to fit her busy lifestyle. The belt can also be worn through belt loops or higher on the waist depending on the look.

ADA Rings: The Ultimate Finishing Touch | Leather Ring | Gold Ring

August 15, 2014

ADA Rings: The Ultimate Finishing Touch | Leather Ring | Gold Ring.

ADA Ring

If you want a more classic ring experience ADA Collection has something for you as well. The ADA Sonia and Sierra rings both give off a bold statement without the necessity of layering. These two rings can also be helpful in completing an outfit fit for a night out.


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